B2B Strategic Content Aimed at the SMB Market

American Airlines Business Extra

American Airlines commissioned Inc. Business Resources to produce three case studies to highlight the airlines’ business offerings, as well as a series of articles aimed at corporate travel coordinators as well as business travelers themselves. These articles ranged in subject from best practices in devising corporate travel policy to tips on how to maximize business travel.

Expanding Your Footprint: Moving into New Markets

Just as a good personal investment portfolio will have a diverse mix of asset classes, a solid business strategy needs a portfolio of markets—whether geographic areas, sets of customers, or even entire classes of products and services—in order to mitigate risk while creating new opportunities for growth. By definition, though, finding and developing new markets

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How Social Media Has Changed Business Travel

At their core, business travel and social media are both about the same thing: making connections and fostering relationships. So it’s not surprising that business people are using social media as a way to enhance and augment their travel experience, whether for work or pleasure. “Social media at its most basic level is something to

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The Keys to Leading Remotely

The promise of a workforce untethered by long commutes, brick-and-mortar offices, and traditional work hours has become not just a reality, but business as usual. According to a recent study by IT consultancy IDC, more than three quarters of U.S. workers will engage in some form of telecommuting in the coming year. Overseeing these employees

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Building Business with Total Strangers

For some people, travel time is me-time, an opportunity to work or read away from phones, meetings, and the myriad interruptions throughout a busy day. If that describes your travel habits, you may be missing out on an excellent networking opportunity. After all, that kid next to you in the t-shirt and jeans might own

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Its Own Reward: Building a Successful Loyalty Program

When American Airlines established its AAdvantage program in 1981, it sparked a revolution. Since then, points-based customer loyalty programs have exploded: According to a 2011 survey by loyalty marketing research firm Colloquy, the average American household belongs to 18 different such programs and is active in eight. For small companies—especially retail and service businesses—allowing customers

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