B2B Strategic Content Aimed at the SMB Market

GE Action Resource Series

GE Capital, the financial arm of the international conglomerate, created the Action Resource Series to bring GE’s best-in-class management practices to its customer base of c-level executives leading middle-market companies. Rather than simply presenting the GE point of view, however, each article (or “chapter”) in the series drew from the experience of multiple outside experts as well as practitioners within the midmarket cohort that GE Capital served.

Four Things to Know About Your Leadership Brand

Whether they know it or not, all leaders have a leadership brand. It goes beyond style and personality to encompass a range of traits and behaviors that motivate all stakeholders to perform at their best. The more aware you are of your brand and how (and when) to enhance it, the more effective you can

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Your Leadership Brand: What It Is and Why It Matters

To a very real degree, a company’s success depends on how well its senior leaders inspire, motivate, and communicate. Those capabilities are at the heart of a leader’s “brand,” a quality that is hard to define but which is critically important to an executive’s ultimate effectiveness. The nature of corporate leadership has been evolving for

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The Art of Strategic Influence

Your individual talents and abilities are a given. To perform at the highest level, you should also strengthen your ties to executive peers, coworkers, and external stakeholders. Nurture key relationships to the point where you have true strategic influence. A CFO persuades a highly regarded controller to leave a comfortable job and join her company.

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4 Steps to Building Your Strategic Influence

Transform casual contacts into valuable collaborators and partners by following these simple steps. 1. Assess the current state of your personal and professional networks. Why: This particular form of gap analysis is critical because you may find you have no connection at all to people you need to develop strong relationships with. How: In his book The Relationship Edge,

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4 Customer-Centricity Strategies

A list of simple steps that will help you determine how customer-centric your company is today, where it needs to go, and how to get there. 1. Conduct a Customer-Centricity Reality Check Why: The amount of time and resources you devote to customer-centric efforts will vary by industry and company. Before you decide where to

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