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Michigan Economic Development Corporation

The Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) commissioned a study by Inc. Magazine to illustrate the growth capabilities of the state’s “Sustained Growers,” those companies who grew in employment at least two of the five years between 2007 and 2012. This series of advertorials offered an in-depth analysis of the results.

Michigan Means Growth: Sustained Growth Equals Job Growth

Michigan companies that sustain growth fuel job growth What does it take to grow a company? It takes people. The Michigan Growth Census, prepared by Build/Inc., identified the state’s sustained growers as companies with net job growth during the five-year study. In 2007, these companies were comparable in size to the average Michigan business, but

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Michigan Means Growth: Moving Beyond Borders

Michigan companies sustain growth by pursuing diverse markets at home and abroad. Business growth shouldn’t be confined by borders. According to Build/Inc.’s 2013 Michigan Growth Census survey, which defines sustained growth companies as those that have expanded net employment in at least two of the past five years, a critical piece of the growth puzzle is

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