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Downside protection: Are You Ready for Higher Interest Rates?

With the economy in recovery and interest rates still low, owners of middle-market companies may find themselves at a crossroads. For one thing, cheap debt won’t last forever. This is a great time, then, to evaluate your balance sheet for opportunities. At the same time, M&A activity is indicating that we’re in a sellers’ market,

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When Should You Sell Your Business?

From personal considerations to the economic climate, many factors go into the decision to sell a midsized company. Think of these issues as concentric circles, with you in the center and radiating outward to your company, your industry, and the market at large. Each will influence the timing of a sale, but it’s up to

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How Treasury Management Can Create Value

With all the exciting technology available for making your company more productive and efficient, it can be easy to overlook the back office when it comes to upgrading. But smart companies are taking another look at how they handle their treasury management processes, not simply to reduce costs but also to create value. “Middle market

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Benchmarking for Competitive Advantage

If you run a business, chances are you have a fair sense of where you stand among your competitors. “Benchmarking is a systematic process of evaluating internal systems and searching for best practices inside and outside the organization with the aim of creating superior performance,” says Stuart Haggard, managing director of Virginia-based consultancy Competitive Foresight.

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The Power of Process Management

Is your company operating at peak efficiency? That’s something of a trick question: Operational improvement is an ongoing process that responds to incremental developments as well as broad strategic shifts. Whereas smaller companies may be able to make such improvements on an ad-hoc basis, midsized corporations are better served with an established process management system

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