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How the Optimized Office Pushes Productivity

When it comes to office design, one size rarely fits all. “Employees are the most valuable assets that a company has, so it makes sense to design workspaces that support them and maximize that value,” says Suzanne Carlson, principal at New York City design and planning firm NBBJ. “As we work with clients to understand

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The Path to Speedier Decision-Making

As the pace of business increases, so does its complexity and uncertainty, making it more and more difficult to produce informed decisions. How do you make not only the right decision, but also a quick decision—one that brings order to chaos? The pressure to act decisively, coupled with a fear of “getting it wrong,” leads

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The Key to Rebooting Your Mind-set (Every Day)

For the on-the-go, type-A personalities who start and run businesses, the notion of sitting quietly and doing nothing in particular can seem anathema to them. But a growing number of businesspeople, including prominent CEOs, are taking heed of the scientific evidence that meditation can actually make you better at whatever you do—by increasing focus and

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What Plussing Is – And How to Use It as a Lever for Innovation

If you’ve ever been in a meeting dominated by the loudest voices in the room, or a brainstorming session that seemed to go nowhere, you know how frustrating it can be. But have you also considered the cost to your company in terms of good, innovative ideas? Recently, a new technique has emerged in collaboration—a

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