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Financial Services

Given the highly competitive market for financial services, it is critical to distinguish oneself from the pack. Product innovations, while essential, quickly become commoditized, making the customer relationship all the more important. Companies that prove themselves to be knowledgeable partners are better positioned to retain and grow their customer base through word of mouth as well as introduce new product suites to existing customers throughout their lifecycle.

Change Management: How to Navigate Continuous Improvement

You may not be acquainted with the acronym VUCA, but you’re certainly familiar with its consequences. VUCA stands for volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity, and there’s no doubt we’re living in a VUCA world. Organizations everywhere are experiencing disruptive changes but few feel prepared for this new reality. According to a 2013 survey by the

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Use CRM Systems to Grow Customer Relationships

Ask any executive of a mid-sized firm what her organization’s priorities are, and “serving our customers’ needs” is bound to appear near the top of the list. Yet despite the centrality of customers to any company, this rich source of insight is often mismanaged if not overlooked altogether. Enter customer relationship management, or CRM. While

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Downside protection: Are You Ready for Higher Interest Rates?

With the economy in recovery and interest rates still low, owners of middle-market companies may find themselves at a crossroads. For one thing, cheap debt won’t last forever. This is a great time, then, to evaluate your balance sheet for opportunities. At the same time, M&A activity is indicating that we’re in a sellers’ market,

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When Should You Sell Your Business?

From personal considerations to the economic climate, many factors go into the decision to sell a midsized company. Think of these issues as concentric circles, with you in the center and radiating outward to your company, your industry, and the market at large. Each will influence the timing of a sale, but it’s up to

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