B2B Strategic Content Aimed at the SMB Market


Property insurance providers operate at the nexus of lifestyle and finance. Messaging often reaches beyond merely protecting one’s lifestyle, toward maximizing its enjoyment. Another approach is more straightforward: guiding consumers — especially those just entering the market — with informative “how-to” content.

Doctor, the Patient Will See You Now

Concierge medicine is a modern take on bedside manner. Concierge medicine is a relatively new phenomenon—it began with a Seattle practice in 1996—but in many ways it harkens back to the good, old-fashioned family doctor. Typically, physicians are available 24/7—often via personal cellphone—office visits are unhurried, practices are limited in size and doctors even make

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Heaven Scent

A real signature perfume just for you. Many of us have fragrances that we turn to over and over so that they become our signature. But really, unless your name is Coco Chanel or, heaven forbid, Britney Spears, how personal can a fragrance actually be? The answer to that question has sparked one of the

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