B2B Strategic Content Aimed at the SMB Market


There’s no doubt about it, the publishing industry is undergoing a massive transformation. What was once considered “new” media has become the norm, even as revenue models continually shift. What hasn’t changed is the need for well crafted and compelling content to draw and sustain an audience.

Martha’s Circle

Martha’s Circle is a network of independent blogs developed to enhance and complement the content available on MarthaStewart.com. The network was a revenue-sharing platform on which MSLO distributed online advertising and enabled members to participate in cooperative advertising opportunities. As Editorial Director of Martha’s Circle, it was my responsibility to invite appropriate bloggers to join

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Martha Stewart Pets

In order to take advantage of a broad new revenue stream, ¬†Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia (MSLO) launched a Pets channel of its popular website. I was hired to oversee the launch of the channel, develop content, and later, run the channel’s editorial production on a continuing basis. The greatest challenge was the lack of native

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