B2B Strategic Content Aimed at the SMB Market


Technology is changing faster than most consumers — and businesses — can hope to comprehend, much less keep up with. The challenge that technology providers face, then is clearly outlining the benefits of their offerings rather than merely enumerating its features. Approaches such as white papers and case studies bring these benefits to life in concrete ways, thereby allowing customers to make an informed purchasing decision.

Answering the Data Continuity Wake-Up Call

How can data center operator Enterprise Technology Parks offer a 99.999% uptime guarantee? When Superstorm Sandy slammed into the East Coast last October, wreaking millions of dollars in property damage and knocking out power across the region, many businesses learned a tough lesson about data continuity. “Sandy was a wake-up call for many companies that

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The Four Pillars of End-to-End Sales

Does the word “sales” bring to mind the proverbial used-car salesman cajoling hapless customers into buying something they’d later regret? Or the cold-sweating cold-callers of Glengarry Glen Ross, viciously competing to earn a fresh batch of hot leads? If so, it’s time to readjust, because in today’s world, sales is first and foremost about relationships. In

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