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Print is dead, or so the naysayers claim. But as the digital revolution continues to rage, print is finding a new niche: as a high-end, high quality product that gives actual physical weight to its content. By publishing content in print form, companies are telling their customers, “this is important — and worth your attention.”

Tools of the (International) Trade

Smart ideas for doing business internationally. Expanding into international trade may seem daunting. But doing business overseas doesn’t have to be overwhelming, as long as you work closely with experts and employ a few simple tools. Why look beyond U.S. borders? Opportunity: According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, fewer than 1% of U.S. companies

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Michigan Means Growth: Sustained Growth Equals Job Growth

Michigan companies that sustain growth fuel job growth What does it take to grow a company? It takes people. The Michigan Growth Census, prepared by Build/Inc., identified the state’s sustained growers as companies with net job growth during the five-year study. In 2007, these companies were comparable in size to the average Michigan business, but

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Michigan Means Growth: Moving Beyond Borders

Michigan companies sustain growth by pursuing diverse markets at home and abroad. Business growth shouldn’t be confined by borders. According to Build/Inc.’s 2013 Michigan Growth Census survey, which defines sustained growth companies as those that have expanded net employment in at least two of the past five years, a critical piece of the growth puzzle is

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The Fundamentals of a Solid Employee Savings Plan

Having a good employee retirement plan can help attract and retain the best talent. If you’re a business owner, it can also serve as a valuable component of your own retirement planning, especially when a significant percentage of employees participate. The vehicles are varied; find a provider who offers a variety of solutions and is

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Stop Road Rage from Taking Its Toll

Does your daily commute cause your blood pressure to spike? A survey by Harris Interactive on behalf of CareerBuilder found that 58% of commuters have experienced road rage, and nearly one in 10 has gotten into a fight. What’s more, incidents of road rage appear to be more prevalent among women. Here are a few

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