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Writing and reporting is at the heart of everything I do. I take pride in the quality of journalism and depth of research that goes into everything I create. I believe that the facts, when well presented, should speak for themselves, and that no turn of phrase, however delightful, should take precedence over clarity and accuracy.

8 Questions to Ask When Migrating to Cloud Infrastructure

By: Maywun Wong Director, Product Marketing  Migrating an organization’s infrastructure to the cloud has multiple benefits, including greater flexibility and capacity, cost-efficiency, and access to an ever-expanding, vendor-agnostic application ecosystem. Certainly, the trend is toward cloud migration: IDC predicts that spending on IT infrastructure products for deployment in cloud environments will grow more than 15% year over year

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So Much Data, So Little Hassle: Building an Infrastructure to Tame Your Data

By: Aditi Mishra Product Marketing, Big Data The promise of big data is essentially unlimited. Organizations across the globe are just scratching the surface of vast data mines to reveal new insights and opportunities. At the same time, distributed data storage and processing power in the cloud means lower cost and more linear scalability to meet

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Digital Business Transformation Starts with the Right Infrastructure

By: Linda Tsan Senior Product Marketing Manager Your Company’s Data Is a Source of Value—Whether You Know It or Not Whether your organization is a manufacturer, distributor, or retailer, a healthcare organization, or a service provider, your company produces valuable data daily. More likely than not, the vast majority of this data is under-utilized, poorly gathered,

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Tapping into Data Capital with AI and Machine Learning

By: Tina Liu Director, Product Marketing As companies begin to understand the vast potential of their data, the question they face is: How does our business make the most of it? The answer lies in getting real-time insights that enable better business decisions and accelerated product development. But what if the insights were used not just

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Tomorrow’s Digital Fleet Management…Delivered Today

By: Anne Plese Director, Product Marketing, Cloud Infrastructure Database Solutions Featured Guest Blogger: C. Prasanna Venkatesan, Director of Digital Solutions, Oracle Industry Solutions Group  The transportation and logistics industry is at a crossroads. For years, the industry has been experiencing a labor shortage that will continue to worsen, while fleet operators are under increasing pressure to make

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