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Around Town: Newport, RI

With its three rugged coastlines, maritime heritage and crisp New England weather, it’s no wonder that Gilded Age royalty like the Vanderbilts, Astors and Wideners made Newport, R.I., their summer playground. Newport might be best known for the palatial “cottages” these families built here, but the town has plenty to recommend it besides the splendor

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How Social Media Has Changed Business Travel

At their core, business travel and social media are both about the same thing: making connections and fostering relationships. So it’s not surprising that business people are using social media as a way to enhance and augment their travel experience, whether for work or pleasure. “Social media at its most basic level is something to

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Building Business with Total Strangers

For some people, travel time is me-time, an opportunity to work or read away from phones, meetings, and the myriad interruptions throughout a busy day. If that describes your travel habits, you may be missing out on an excellent networking opportunity. After all, that kid next to you in the t-shirt and jeans might own

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