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Reducing Stress on the Road

It’s no secret that business travel can be a source of stress, whether it’s rushing to get work done before a last-minute trip or dealing with spotty Internet connection at your hotel. But what causes the most stress, and how can travelers and organizations alike work to alleviate it—and its associated loss in productivity? The

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Road Rules: Travel Secrets Of The Inc. Community

Within the Inc. community – including Inc. 5,000 companies as well as members of the Inc. Business Owners Council – are some of the most dynamic companies and leaders in the U.S. So it should come as no surprise that these entrepreneurs are constantly on the road, closing deals, building sales, and growing their businesses. We asked

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Developing a Streamlined Travel Policy

 “At the end of the day, travel is dollars and cents, but it is also a personal experience,” says Jay Ellenby, president and CEO of Maryland-based Safe Harbors Travel Group, a corporate travel management company. That’s why it makes sense to have a clear policy in place to balance your company’s ability to control costs

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Case Study: International Bowling Campus

Meeting Travel Challenges With more 71 million Americans hitting the lanes every year, bowling is the nation’s number-one participatory sport. In fact, it is the most successful form of commercial recreation ever developed. The International Bowling Center in Arlington, Texas, is the beating heart of this $6 billion industry, conducting research, organizing tournaments, and bringing

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Case Study: NeoPost USA

Maximizing Global Opportunities Like many industries, traditional postal delivery has seen tremendous disruptions with the rise of the Internet during the past few years. That rapid rate of change poses significant challenges—and opportunities—for French firm Neopost S.A., the world’s second-largest provider of mailing, addressing, document handling, and logistics systems. With products and services marketed in

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