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Martha Stewart Pets

The Daily Wag - Pets - MarthaStewart.comIn order to take advantage of a broad new revenue stream, ┬áMartha Stewart Living Omnimedia (MSLO) launched a Pets channel of its popular website. I was hired to oversee the launch of the channel, develop content, and later, run the channel’s editorial production on a continuing basis. The greatest challenge was the lack of native editorial content. While most of the traffic on MarthaStewart.com came from the re-purposing of recipes, how-to’s and articles from the company’s print and broadcast properties, little of such material existed in the Pets arena. To overcome this issue, we forged licensing agreements with professional associations such as the American Kennel Club, and organizations including Adopt-a-Pet. In addition, we implemented a robust program of user-generated content and we created a popular blog “authored” by Martha’s own pets, which gave a dog’s eye view of Martha’s daily life.