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The Four Pillars of End-to-End Sales

Pillars_End_To_End_Sales FINAL_1Does the word “sales” bring to mind the proverbial used-car salesman cajoling hapless customers into buying something they’d later regret? Or the cold-sweating cold-callers of Glengarry Glen Ross, viciously competing to earn a fresh batch of hot leads? If so, it’s time to readjust, because in today’s world, sales is first and foremost about relationships.

In fact, end-to-end sales consists of four pillars: Connect, Engage, Convert, and Retain.This guide will take you through each of these pillars so you can see how they work together to support a repeatable, scalable process—one that creates not just happy customers, but loyal brand evangelists.

Download the white paper in pdf format:

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